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Solid Oak Architrave

Architrave is much thinner than skirting boards and is fitted as a decorative trim around doors frames where the door meets the plaster on the wall. An important tip for choosing a solid wood architrave is to try and match the design with the skirting board design as both can come in various types of wood, widths, and styles.


Some colours that work well with the warm hues in oak are red, lime green, ochre yellow, blue, or teal. So if you choose oak architrave there are lots of ways to make it stand out and work well with your interiors. Due to the durability of solid oak, it can easily withstand the bumps and scuffs of daily life as well.


The solid oak architrave can come in a range of styles like Torus, Bullnose and Chamfer, which are all of a high quality with a natural stunning look which adds the finishing touch to your home. Solid oak architraves have a distinct tiger-stripe grain which makes them eye-catching and stylish.

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