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Oak Shelving

The oak shelving Builders Oak offer will look great in dining rooms, living rooms,  in oak furniture, or oak bookshelves. The properties of oak make for the perfect shelving option. Due to the durability of solid oak, it can easily withstand the bumps and scuffs of daily life. Solid oak floating shelves can create a contemporary look for your home, or if you want the perfect storage for your book collection, you can add our oak shelving for your oak bookcase. 


Some colours that work well with the warm hues in oak are red, lime green, and ochre yellow. If your space is made up of cooler tones like blue or teal, then oak adds warmth and balances the tones out. 


Builder’s Oak can supply both air dried, and kiln dried joinery hardwood, which is cut to size and machined to suit your shelving requirements. The oak we can supply is oak PAR(planned all around), Waney edge, and square. 

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