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Knot Free Radiata Pine

Radiata pine is a species of redwood where the growth of the Pinus Radiata tree allows for a high yield of material. Its straight grain and clear pale colour make this a perfect timber to paint or stain. The Monterey pine Pinus Radiata is a tree species that is an evergreen conifer that has a very fast growth time. This tree species is the most common and widely planted tree in the southern hemisphere,  New Zealand, Chile, Spain, etc. 


Builders Oak radiata is also easy to work with and sands well, leaving a smooth finish, which allows for a high-quality treated finish. Knot free radiata pine is very often used by Furniture manufacturers and kitchen manufacturers looking for a knot free material to paint.


Grade – AA Quality, Edge Glued Panels laminated using 35-55mm wide lamellas. Builders Oak knot-free material is defect-free, with straight grain, no sapwood, no pith. B face may have one or two small live knots present. Kiln Dried to 8-10% moisture content, sanded 120 grit.

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