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Chain of Custody

1.                    Index                                                                                                                   

2.                    Purpose                                                                                                               

3.                    Management Responsibilities                                                                                

3.1.                 General Requirements                                                                                   

3.2.                 Scope of Certification                                                                                     

3.3.                 Requirements for Chain of Custody Process                                                    

3.3.1.              PEFC - Physical Separation Method                                                               

3.4.                 Volume Control - Material Accounting                                                              

3.5.                 Critical Control Points (CCP’s)                                                                        

3.5.1.              Contract with Supplier & Supplier Evaluation                                                  

3.5.2.              Receiving (Goods Inwards) Inspection                                                            

3.5.3.              Delivery                                                                                                         

3.5.4               Invoicing                                                                                                        

3.6.                 Management Responsibilities                                                                         

3.7.                Critical Control Points, Responsibilities and Authorities for Chain of Custody     

4.                    Process Flow Chart                                                                                               

5.                    Procedures                                                                                                           

5.1.                 Record Keeping                                                                                             

6.                    Resource Management                                                                                         

6.1.                 Human Resources & Personnel                                                                      

6.2.                 Technical Facilities                                                                                         

7.                    Inspection and Control (Auditing)                                                                           

8.                    Management Review                                                                                            

9.                    Non- Conformance and Contingency Plan

10                   Complaints Procedures                                                                                         

11.                  Use of  PEFC Logos                                   


To address the PEFC Certification requirements for Chain of Custody.

3.Management Responsibilities

3.1.General Requirements


G A Imports Limited operates a management system in accordance with the following elements of the PEFC Chain of Custody of Forest Based Products, edge glued pine panels and for our range of Proboard, Shrink-wrapped edge glued panels, standards, which ensures correct implementation, and maintenance of the chain of custody process.


3.2.Scope of Certificatie

Chain of Custody Certification is maintained for all G A Imports Limited products  03020 for PEFC (Edge Glued Pine Panels, Proboard Shrink-wrapped Pine Panels. The exception being a range of edge Pine Matchings, glued hardwood panels, and solid hardwoods. The hardwood products are not part of the Chain of Custody certification. Part of the business activity includes direct sales on behalf of our suppliers, on a commission only basis, where stocks are not physically handled by G A Imports, and the customer is invoiced by the supplier directly.


This Quality System is maintained to provide certification for when PEFC product is requested by the customer. That is, the claim is not necessarily made for delivery of products when certification is not requested.


It is G A Imports Limited policy to supply all requested PEFC approved products by operation of a physical separation method. All timber is purchased PEFC approved. The Contingency Plan below is maintained to address any supply where this policy may be compromised.


3.3.Requirements for Chain of Custody Process


3.3.1.PEFC - Physical Separation Method


G A Imports Limited uses this method, Section 6.2 of the PEFC Standard PEFC ST 2002:2013


G A Imports Limited ensures that the certified raw material is separated or clearly identifiable at all stages of the production or trading process.

Where inputs belong to more than 1 material category the lowest PEFC claim is used for outputs, being 70%


3.4.Volume Control - Material Accounting

G A Imports Limited maintains a monthly Volume Control Report detailing volume movements through the warehouse.

3.5.Critical Control Points (CCP’s)

A CCP is a point at which there is a risk of uncontrolled mixing of certificated and non-certificated timber products.

3.5.1.Contract with Supplier & Supplier Evaluation

All suppliers receive formal letter requesting all timber purchases be from PEFC only. 3 monthly contract agreements to also contain confirmation.

G A Imports Limited ensures the scope of registration of suppliers meets products supplied and check correct site address.

3.5.2.Receiving (Goods Inwards) Inspection

Ensures only PEFC certificated timber is allowed into the system by checking the delivery note for the PEFC certification number & mixed source claim.

In the event that a delivery is made without the above information, it is quarantined, labelled and action taken. Control of Non-Corrective and Preventive Action Procedure is detailed as follows:-

  1. Inspection personnel to detail the problem on the goods inwards notes, and forward to the office.

  2. Supplier is notified that goods or paperwork do not conform. If correct documentation is supplied by supplier, the goods can be cleared into stock.

  3. If supplier cannot provide correct documentation to prove conformity, then the goods will be kept in quarantine and Guy Atherton will inform the relevant PEFC authority. We will arrange to sell the goods as uncertified.

  4. Guy Atherton will identify the uncertified volume in the monthly volume control report.


Ensures our PEFC certification numbers and mixed source claim are on relevant delivery notes to the customer.


Checks PEFC certification numbers & mixed source claim on G A Imports Limited invoices.

3.6.Management Responsibilities

G A Imports Limited’s top management have defined and documented its commitment to implement and maintain the chain of custody requirements in accordance with the PEFC & FSC standards. G A Imports Limited’s commitment is made available to G A Imports Limited’s personnel, suppliers, customers, and other interested parties.

G A Imports Limited’s top management have appointed Guy Atherton who, irrespective of other responsibilities, has overall responsibility and authority for the chain of custody.

G A Imports Limited’s management carry out an annual review of G A Imports Limited’s chain of custody and its compliance with the requirements of the PEFC standards.

3.7.Critical Control Points, Responsibilities and Authorities for Chain of Custody

G A Imports Limited have identified personnel performing work effecting the implementation and maintenance of chain of custody and established and set responsibilities and authorities relating to the chain of custody processes,

Critical Control Points


Purchasing & identification of the origin

Guy Atherton/Geoff Rutter

Goods in inspection

Stuart Bantock/Geoff Rutter

Product production inc traceability & physical separation

Stuart Bantock/Geoff Rutter

G A Imports Invoice declaration

Dawn Atherton

G A Imports Delivery note declaration

Dawn Atherton

Product sale and labelling

Stuart Bantock/Geoff Rutter

Record keeping

Dawn Atherton/Geoff Rutter

Non-conformity / Complaints

Guy Atherton

Internal audits

Guy Atherton/Geoff Rutter

Management Review

Guy Atherton

4.Process Flow Chart




The following procedures are implemented against the above Process Flow Chart,

  1. A register of approved suppliers and copies of their PEFC certificates is maintained.

  2. Purchase is generated by either stock level consideration or purchase for specific job.

  3. Written contracts for nominal periods agreed with some suppliers. Call of by size and length then made against the contract. However, for all timber purchasing a written Purchase Order is raised & authorised by the General Manager. All edge glued panels in pine and are purchased from PEFC Certificated suppliers. Proboard, DIY shrink-wrapped edge glued pine panels are purchased from PEFC Certificated suppliers. PTGV pine mouldings are purchased from Non certificated suppliers. All purchase orders are placed on suppliers specifying the requirements to,

  • Supply only certificated wood, PEFC.

  • Ensure delivery notes & invoices reference the PEFC certificate number and the claim (mixed sources).

  1. Suppliers of Edge Glued pine Panels and PTGV timber provide written Order Confirmation usually prior to delivery.

  2. Receiving inspection checks,

  • Quantity, size & length against delivery note.

  • Supplier identification & date of delivery.

  • PEFC supplier certificate no & claim of origin on all delivery documents.

All packs are labelled with pack number, mill mark, and board specification, and number of pieces. This is referenced to the order confirmation, before accepting into stock.

  1. No further clarification required

  2. All PEFC materials held in store are identified as such on each pallet or part pallet. Pack nos stay with any open packs for this purpose.

  3. Off cuts (ie, all timber where traceability back to source cannot be verified) is segregated & labelled. This timber is not used on PEFC certificated orders.

  4. For delivery of timber direct to site, copy of the delivery notes are retained to provide traceability back to pack nos.

Prior to despatch all reference to any supplier Chain of Custody certificate is removed from the delivery. Marker pen is used to cross the label to indicate that G A Imports Chain of Custody is used.

  1. All GA Imports invoices reference our PEFC certificate number and our mixed source claim.

5.1.Record Keeping

G A Imports Limited establishes and maintains records to provide evidence of conformity with the requirements of the PEFC Chain of Custody standard and its effectiveness and efficiency. The following records are maintained:

  1. Records of all suppliers of forest based raw material including information which confirms that the requirements at the supplier level are met,

  2. Records of all purchased forest based raw material including information on its origin,

  3. Records of all forest based products sold and their claimed origin,

  4. Records of internal audits, non-conformities that occurred and corrective actions taken.


G A Imports Limited maintains the above records for a minimum period of five years.

6.Resource Management

6.1.Human Resources & Personnel

All staff involved with maintaining the above procedures are trained to ensure they have the required level of knowledge and understanding.

Records of training are maintained.

6.2.Technical Facilities

G A Imports Limited identify, provide and maintain the infrastructure and technical facilities needed for effective implementation and maintenance of G A Imports Limited’s chain of custody with the requirements of the PEFC standards.

7.Inspection and Control (Auditing)

G A Imports Limited conducts internal audits at intervals of one year covering all requirements of the PEFC standards and establishes corrective and preventive measures as required.

The report from the internal audit is reviewed by G A Imports Limited’s top management annually at Management Review.

8.Management Review

At least annually, top management review,

  1. The above audits including any non-conformances & corrective action.

  2. The Chain of Custody certification of all suppliers is annually validated to ensure they are current using the and websites.

  3. All other non-conformance including all supplier non-conformance & customer complaints relating to our chain of custody system.

9.Non- Conformance and Contingency Plan

It is G A Imports Limited policy to only supply PEFC  approved products.

If, for any reason, eg, PEFC supplies were compromised or supply routes change, any affected timber will be segregated and identified. The General Manager or Operations Manager will decide on its possible use & any subsequent communication with the customer. Associated invoices & delivery documents will be annotated.

For any compromising of either the integrity of the timber or its associated documentation, the relevant PEFC authority will be notified.

a) Immediately cease to sell any non-conforming products held in stock;

b) Identify all relevant customers, and advise those customers in writing within three (3) business days of the non-conforming product and maintain records of that advice;

c) Analyse causes for occurrence of non-conforming products and implement measures to prevent its re-occurrence.

d) Notify their certification body;

e) Cooperate with the certification body in order to allow the certification body to confirm that appropriate action is taken to correct this non-compliance.


10. Complaints Procedure

        Upon receipt of the complaint, the organisation shall:

(a) acknowledge the complaint to the complainant,

(b) gather and verify all necessary information to evaluate and validate the complaint and

make decision on the complaint,

(c) formally communicate the decision on the complaint and of the complaint handling

process to the complainant,

(d) ensure that any appropriate corrective and preventive actions are taken.

11. Use PEFC Logos

Prior to the use of the PEFC logo, its use will be approved by Soil Association & record of the approval maintained.


 PEFC Trademarks are only to be used for the promotion of products which are covered by the certificates scope.


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