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Rustic BB Framed & Ledge Door

Rustic BB Framed & Ledge Door

PriceFrom £479.17

These Oak Framed & Ledged doors look superb when installed.
Doors are manufactured in a select grade of oak. Most of the door will be clear, with the occasional
small knot emphasizing the solid oak construction of these doors. All of our Oak is specially kiln dried
to 8-10% for use indoors. These are perfect for older properties due to the character in the oak.

We laminate 2 solid sections of oak for the frames, which are then hydraulically press assembled on
state of the art machinery to ensure a strong long-lasting door, with good stability provided by the 2
part laminated frame.

  • Oversized and Undersized

    Please contact us regarding the custom sizes - to confirm measurements 

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