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Prime Bead & Butt Oak 3 Ledged Door

Prime Bead & Butt Oak 3 Ledged Door

PriceFrom £389.13

Bead and Butt Ledged Doors 

Bead & Butt Oak ledge doors are a classic for period properties.  They are found in all styles of homes from country cottages to barn conversions.  Bead & Butt doors use specially profiled verticals to create a moulded feature that adds interest and style to your new oak ledged doors. All of our doors are handmade in our factory in Sheffield using predominantly French oak.   We ensure that all of our oak is correctly seasoned and kiln dried for use inside the home.

  • Oversized and Undersized

    Please contact us before purchasing to confirm measurements 

  • Bead & Butt Door Information

    • These are made from European Oak timber boards and are made up of 20mm vertical boards and 20mm horizontal ledges making up an overall 40mm thickness. 

    • They are available in either a V Groove or Bead and Butt profile. 

    • All our oak doors are made using a glued, pinned and pressed construction 

    • These doors are ideal for Period properties with a small number of knots so are ideal for customers who prefer a less Rustic looking door. 

    • They are available in 4 standard Sizes 

    • 2’0” (610mm, 24”) x 6’6” (1981mm, 78”)

    • 2’3” (686mm, 27”) x 6’6” (1981mm, 78”)

    • 2’6” (762mm, 30”) x 6’6” (1981mm, 78”)

    • 2’9” (838mm, 33”) x 6’6” (1981mm, 78”)

    • We can also do these is custom sizes 

      • Any Size Under 2’9” (838mm, 33”) x 6’6” (1981mm, 78”) in both dimensions

      • Any Size Over 2’9” (838mm, 33”) x 6’6” (1981mm, 78”) in only dimensions

      • Note: We’ll make oversized doors for the quoted price up to a maximum of 2100mm x 950mm, if you need something larger than this you would need to call so that we can give you a price. 

    • The doors can also be supplied flat pack/unassembled. Some customers like to make up the doors in a specific way, may need to do some slight trimming to the boards or put the ledges in specific places, for these reasons we can supply them unassembled for the customer to build up on site. 

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