Veneered Sheets

Builders Oak Wood Veneered Sheets are made up of an excellent quality Oak Veneer and can be used in a variety of projects such as wall panelling, office furniture, kitchen cabinets, etc. Builders Oak offers a wide range of panels and sheets including ash panels, American tulipwood, birch ply, pine panels, standard MDF sheets, moisture resistant MDF, and oak panels.


Builders Oak real wood Flexible Oak Veneered Sheets can be used on both flat and curved surfaces and include a wide range of sanded 0.6mm "A" quality veneers on a flexible backing. The Veneers are flexible and are zero added Formaldehyde. 

Builders Oak veneered sheets are professionally engineered using wood fibres bound with resin. This creates lots of stability compared to solid wood and is less affected by changes in heat and humidity. Another benefit of veneered MDF sheets is that they don’t twist or warp, they stay straight.

It is common for builders to substitute solid wood with veneered MDF if you have a lower budget so if you want a similar aesthetic and feel to solid wood, a great option for you would be our veneered MDF sheets.

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