Standard MDF Sheets

MDF boards or Medium Density Fibre-Boards from Builder’s Oak are artificial wood free from natural defects, and it has a smooth sanded surface with a precision finish. Builders Oak offer a wide range of MDF cut to size and thicknesses, including moisture-resistant MDF for areas prone to moisture.


MDF can be used for a wide variety of internal uses such as internal joinery, panelling, boxing in, furniture, shelving, modelling, shop fittings and architectural mouldings. MDF boards are manufactured using top-quality wood fibres bonded with synthetic resins that are all compressed at high frequency. 


If you are looking for a versatile sheet, MDF is an excellent choice with various uses, from construction to furniture. You can trust that Builders Oak MDF sheets are the right choice for you as they are ideal for paint, veneer, edge profiling, easy to drill, and lots more!


 Builders Oak offers a wide range of panels and sheets including ash panels, American tulipwood, birch ply, pine panels, veneered sheets, moisture resistant MDF, and oak panels. If you’re looking to start a new building project or construction, please get in touch today, and we can help you reach your goals! Give the team a call today or visit our contact us page for more details.

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