American Tulipwood

Builders Oak American tulipwood is a very stable knot-free hardwood material ideal for use in high-quality joinery applications, such as kitchen units, kitchen cabinets and stained polished or painted furniture. The tulipwood timber is multicoloured, predominantly a pale grey or creamy white colour, with occasionally olive green to yellow and brown streaks. American tulipwood is also known as yellow poplar or popular Tulipwood.

The material sands very well, leaving a smooth surface for painting. The hardwood does not fur up when painted, so an excellent option when looking for a high-quality finish. The poplar/tulipwood for sale is straight-grained with an even fine texture. Builders Oak offers a wide range of panels and sheets including birch ply, American black walnut, moisture-resistant MDF, standard MDF, veneered sheetsoak panels, and pine panels

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