American Black Walnut Panels

Builders Oak American black walnut panels are stunningly dark and are used to manufacture furniture and kitchens. Ideal as a draw box material or for decorative purposes, such as signage, plaques, and components. American black walnut timber ranges from rich dark chocolate-brown to a purplish-black with a coarse grain texture. 


American black walnut panels have excellent shock resistance and are one of the most durable woods, especially under conditions where decay can happen. Builders Oak offers a wide range of panels and sheets including birch ply, American tulipwood, moisture-resistant MDF, standard MDF, veneered sheetsoak panels, and pine panels

Builders Oak AB grade panels and lamellas are mixed widths from 40-90mm wide. KD8%, sanded 120 Grit, the A face is in principle free from knots and defects, although the A face can have slivers of sapwood. The B face is of lower quality.

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